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The perfect canisters for your DIY Tea Bar & Bites, our Blushing Meadow One Touch® Canister Set brings a beautiful bouquet to your space. 

Set includes one each 5¼-cup/1.25L and 12½-cup/3.1L canisters, and two 2¼-cup/575mL Topper Canisters with EXCLUSIVE print and One Touch® seals.

Blushing Meadows One-Touch Canister Set

SKU: 10176794000
Only 1 left in stock
  • Our smart-looking One Touch® Canisters don't just sit on the counter looking pretty, they also help you keep dry foods and small snacks fresh and conveniently at hand. 

    Their exclusive, one-push, airtight seal is the answer to moisture-proof, long-term food storage for everyday use. Use either the palm of your hand or your elbow to close in one push –the click will indicate that it's closed properly.

    Perfect on the counter, in cabinets or pantry, or on a desk.

    Wash and dry thoroughly before refilling with fresh ingredients.

    *Artwork not covered by Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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