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Do you remember the Cereal Storer at Grandma's house being a little smaller? This is the one!

3 Qt./2.8 L.

Protect the crunch in your mornings and snack times with this classic container.

No more fussing with loud, crinkling bags or accidentally tearing them too much. Store your favorite cereal or granola without them going stale! The ingenious pouring cap lets you easily dispense and reseal for optimal storage. Thanks to Cereal Storer's more modest size, it can fit into smaller cabinets (compared to its larger cousin, the 20 cup/4.8L Super Cereal Storer).

A visible tab on the pour cap makes opening a "snap."​ The whole seal can be removed easily for quick refilling. The tight seal keeps in freshness while keeping out humidity and other unwanted elements. Plus, the transparent window lets everyone find their favorite cereal with no hassle.

Cereal Storer 2.8L

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