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No more twists & turns

Make it fancy! Our ice trays allow you to freeze fruit, edible flowers and herbs to create the prettiest party cubes ever. 

Freezes coffee, teas, fruit juices, and more to enhance the flavor of water, mocktails, and cocktails.

Thanks to its unique design with a soft underside in each cavity, ice cubes are extremely easy to remove.

Tupperware’s Cool Cubes have an easy-apply, soft and flexible seal that prevents spillages on the countertop, on the way to and into the freezer. 

The seal also keeps ice cubes fresh and doesn’t allow flavors to be transferred into the ice cubes. 

Includes two trays with seals.

Fresh 'N Pure Ice Trays (Icelandic Mist)

SKU: 10170291000
Only 5 left in stock
    • resh every time: Thanks to the lid, your ice cubes will remain free of odors and interactions with other items in the freezer, giving you pure ice.
    • Unique, easy filling system: When the upper lid is affixed to the base, the unit can be conveniently filled through the special filling cap.
    • Handy filling line on lid: enables optimal filling while preventing overfilling
    • Channels between cubes: allow liquids to quickly fill the entire base creating uniformly shaped ice cubes
    • Fewer spills: Lid keeps things neat.
    • Space-saving and stable: 4 legs for securely stacking several trays on top of each other in the freezer
    • Pop out: Easy pop-out design allows easy removal of ice cubes one by one as needed, without the hassle of twisting & turning or scattering cubes.

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