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Flavor is just a press away!

Garlic and fresh herbs add nutrition and flavor to your dishes. And now preparing them is easier than ever with the powerful multitasker, KPT Garlic Star. Just one beautifully designed tool lets you peel and press garlic as well as stripping the leaves of fresh herbs, quickly, easily and mess free!

The Garlic Star features include:

  • Flat metal grid: Stands up on countertops, convenient for daily use
  • Ergonomic handle: Easy pressing for left and right handed people
  • Compact design: Space saving when storing
  • Large chamber: Works with any size garlic clove
  • Herb deleaver: The handle includes 3 different size holes to strip small leafed fresh herbs, like thyme, oregano, mint, tarragon, and cilantro, from their stem quickly and easily.

Garlic Press

SKU: 10138015000
Only 1 left in stock
  • Dimensions
    W 3.5 x H 7.6 x L 17.5 cm
    W 1.2 x H 3 x L 6.7 inch

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