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Keep your spices fresher for longer with this classic set!

Our classic large salt and pepper shakers feature an ergonomic, easy-grip container design. Each salt and pepper shaker has a hinged lid, so you can snap the salt and pepper shaker closed and throw it into a travel bag or cooler for entertaining away from home. No spills, just spice, freshness and flavor when and where you need it. Each salt and pepper shaker is dishwasher-safe and easy to store in a pantry or on the countertop. And their iconic design has landed them a spot in Tupperware's vintage collection!

Large Hourglass Salt & Pepper Shakers

SKU: 10161402000
  • Dimensions (Metric/ US):
    W 6.4 x H 16 cm
    W 2.5 x H 6.3 inch

    Volume (Metric / US):
    177 ml / 3/4 cup

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