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Cook with pressure: it's a pleasure!

This revolutionary product answers a growing demand for easy cooking solutions. It combines traditional pressure cooking methods with efficient microwave cooking, ensuring even heat distribution, improved food color, and fast cooking times.

Think of it as your slow cooker for the microwave, only MUCH faster! Prepare delicious goulash, lamb or veal stews, pork cheeks, borscht, fresh or frozen vegetable casseroles, and much more. Make delicious risotto without having to stir continually. Cook dried legumes, one-pot meals, and soups in minutes. Save time, money, and energy.

Microwave Pressure Cooker

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  • Save time: With faster cooking than ever, the Micro Pressure Cooker combines microwave cooking and pressure cooking to reach an inside temperature of 112°C and reduce the cooking times compared to only microwave cooking.​

    Zero cooking skills required: Simple and easy: place all ingredients in the Fast Cooker, pour liquid, set cover, and put it in the microwave.​

    “Set & forget”: Place ingredients in the base & cook in the microwave. No need to stir or check on anything while cooking!

    Safer than

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