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Stop rummaging through your pantry and start saving time!

Our oval food storage containers are the pantry solution you've been longing for! 

These amazing food storage containers were designed to maximize shelf space in cabinets and storage drawers. They work like building blocks to fit shelves. The airtight, moisture-proof, and bug-proof lid keeps food fresh and safe for longer. Their modularity will give a perfect look to your cabinet; containers are named by height:  to make it modular, just add it up. For example, two Oval 1 = one Oval 2, and one Oval 1 + one Oval 3 = one Oval 4. These kitchen organizers are as stunning as they are functional. 

What's more, you'll love the convenience of the clear kitchen storage container design. No more searching for what you need or opening lids (and letting out freshness) when looking for the snack you crave or the baking ingredient you need.

These 9 3/4 cup/ 2.3l storage containers are perfect for storing up to:

  • ± 1.3 kg​ / 2.8 lb all-purpose flour
  • ± 2 kg ​/ 4.4 lb granulated sugar​
  • ± 1 kg​ / 2 lb oats/oatmeal​
  • ± 300 g​ / 10 oz corn flakes​
  • ± 1.6-1.9 kg​ / 4 lb rice
  • ± 650-700 g​ / 1.5 lb coffee beans 

Modular Mates Oval 4

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