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The Sheerly Elegant line is a unique serving collection created to serve meals with style and elegance. Each bowl is individually designed with a two colored wave. The wave design, high gloss and fine texture on the inside gives a third dimension to the bowls as the light glows through them. Easy to use, ergonomic to hold and nestable when not in use. Seals have concentric circles which give flexibility so it's easy to open and close. The large tab is easy to hold to lift as you expel the excess air, locking in freshness and flavor. All items in the Sheerly Elegant Collection are designed for serving purposes only. Use with warm, room temp or cold foods only. Handwashing recommended. Dishwasher safe up to 150° F/65° C. 8-Pc. set includes one 3.4 Qt./3.2 L Large Bowl with seal, one 2.4 Qt./2.3 L Medium bowl with seal, two 6 ¼-cup/1.5 L Small bowls with seals, plus four 1 ¼-cup/210 mL bowls with flat seals.

Sheerly Elegant 8-pc Set (Purple)

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