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A multi-use container for snacks, sweets, packed lunches or non-food items!

This container is a versatile choice for snacks, sweets and packed sandwiches. It features an easy-open, hinged cover with a sleek design. It's perfect for both table service and storage.

Includes one 8.4-cup/2L rectangular container with hinged cover.

Storzalot Container

SKU: 10175927000
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  • This versatile container can be used for snacks, sweets, packed lunches or non-food items. It comes with a convenient hinged cover and a stylish design, making it suitable for serving, storing or taking on the go.

    Some great uses for this versatile container:

    • Use it as a sugar box for neatly storing cube sugar. 
    • Fill it with fresh raw vegetables for a low-calorie lunch, or keep it in the fridge to enjoy slimming snacks with your favorite dips.
    • It's just the right size for storing a selection of sweet biscuits and homemade cookies, keeping them fresh on the shelf and ready to serve. 
    • Store and serve crispbread and biscuits.
    • Make it a thoughtful gift by filling it with chocolates, fudge, little cakes, or colorful wrapped sweets. It's a sweet and practical present.
    • Store non-food items such as craft and first-aid supplies, pencils, stickers, medicines, and more.

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