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Endless popping... Endless flavor... Endless fun!

Our Tupperware® WOW Pop Microwave Popcorn Maker makes connoisseur level popcorn with beginner level effort. Its ingenious design easily makes a whole range of crunch: from healthy, oil-free popcorn to any combination of sweet & savory snack-corn.

Includes one platinum silicone bowl, one glass popping tray, and one dual position lid.

Tuperware WOW Pop Microwave Popcorn Maker

SKU: 10173934000
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    • Flexible and Convenient Design: Pop & serve, or pop, season, and serve -all in one bowl! After use, bowl collapses for compact storage.

    • Glass Popping Tray: The combination of glass and silicone unlocks popping efficiency by promoting optimal kernel heating and more consistent microwave timing.

    • Vent & Shake Lid: Vent position vents steam during popping. Shake position keeps seasonings contained during shaking to coat popped corn.

    • Built-in Kernel Colander: Vent position of the lid also turns the popper into a kernel colander for easily removing unpopped kernels with just a few shakes.

    • Safe Material: High grade, food safe silicone and borosilicate glass bring high performance and low worry.

    • Sustainable Solution: Say goodbye to waste generated by single-use bags of microwave popcorn. Tupperware® WOW Pop and your own fresh ingredients make snack time better for you and your environment -time after time.

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