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Introducing the perfect baby feeding solution for at home or on the go. Our spill proof Soft Sippy Tumbler is designed to help little ones make the transition from bottle to cup. Crafted with the needs of parents and kids in mind, it features a removable handle that’s perfect for little hands, a soft silicone cover that’s gentle on gums and teeth and a specially engineered valve for smooth, easy drinking. Plus, it’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Our kid-friendly microwavable Feeding Bowl features a sturdy anti-skid base that’s ideal for little ones just learning to feed themselves. Plus, the base is removable to adapt as baby grows up! Made from high-quality, safe, durable plastic with an airtight, leak proof seal, it’s great for storing leftovers in the fridge or packing meals to take with you.

Our handy Formula Dispenser carries three pre-measured servings of powdered formula in separate compartments. At feeding time, just slide the spout over your selected compartment and easily pour the powder into a bottle for mess-free mixing.

Tupperkids Feeding Set

SKU: 10169987000
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    • Set includes a Soft Sippy Tumbler, a Feeding Bowl and a Formula Dispenser

    • Ideal for meals with baby at home or on the go

    • All products and parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

    • The Soft Sippy Tumbler has a tight, spill proof silicone seal that helps prevent spillage when the tumbler is tipped or dropped

    • Soft spout for a smooth transition from baby bottle to sippy cup and a smooth flow air-release valve allows easy sipping

    • The feeding bowl is microwavable, has an anti-skid base that keeps the bowl stable, and has a leak proof seal for safe carrying on the go

    • The formula dispenser has three compartments to store the perfect amount of powder

    • Rotating cover for easy access to each compartment and a tight lid for safe carrying on the go

  • Number of Pieces: 8 pieces (1 tumbler with removable handle and soft sippy seal, 1 bowl with seal and removable base, 1 powdered formula dispenser base and cover)
    • Soft Sippy Tumblers assembled dimensions: 4.6 Inches (L) x 3 Inches (W) x 4.7 Inches (H); Capacity 200 ml / 3.5 cups
    • Feeding Bowl assembled dimensions: 8.1 Inches (Diameter) x 2.2 Inches (H); Capacity 520 ml / 2 cups
    • Powdered Formula Dispenser assembled dimensions: 3.9 Inches (Diameter) x 3.8 Inches (H); Capacity 250 ml / 1.05 cups

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