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Change the way you drink water!

From the sweetness of strawberries to the kick of kiwi, infuse your drinks with all your favorite fruits and herbs! The Infuser Insert allows you to get a little fancy with your water, tea or even sangria or cocktails! Its generous capacity is great for serving your whole family everyday!

Tupperware 2 Qt Pitcher with Infuser Insert

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  • Health companion: Drinking infused or flavored water is a great way to consume your daily water intake with delicious taste!
    Endless possibilities: Let your creativity run wild when making combinations for infused water! But it doesn’t stop there. Use the pitcher for tea, sangria, cocktails and so much more.
    Ready for the party: This pitcher is perfect for serving beverages at your next party or gathering.

    Our 2 Qt./ 2 L pitcher makes getting your daily dose of healthy water easier and tastier than ever, thanks to its specially designed flavor infuser.

    This water pitcher with infuser lets you get creative and make your own festive and flavorful infused water by filling the insert with your favorite seasonal fruits and herbs.

    Looking for inspiration?
    Simply follow the seasons and choose a combination of fresh fruit combos like berries and basil or melons and mint to add to your pitcher with flavor infuser, let it stand for an hour on the counter or in the fridge, serve, and enjoy.

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