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Take your party snacks to the next level!

Our chip and dip bowl set is the ultimate party multitasker! Lightweight and virtually unbreakable, this large-capacity chip and dip serving set features a stylish, innovative bowl that is perfect for use as a punch bowl with chips and salsa, chips and dips, or a crowd-pleasing salad.

To serve salsa or dip, simply hook the smaller chip and dip bowls to the rim of the larger bowl. The chip and dip set cover adds on-the-go versatility and is divided into separate compartments, making it a great serving tray. The smaller bowls come with a seal so you can make your dips ahead of time and store in the fridge. The smaller bowls are also microwave-safe so you can make the perfect warm queso dip in seconds. Remove seals before microwaving.

Ways to use:

  • Build your own burger bar: Add your burger toppings to the serving tray, sauces in the Dip Bowls, or potato chips or French fries in the Chip Bowl.
  • Build your own salad bar: Have your salad toppings in the serving tray, dressings in the Dip Bowls, or lettuce in the Chip Bowl.
  • Charcuterie & cheese board!: Place a variety of sliced meat & cheese in the serving tray, honey or jam in the Dip Bowls, or toasted bread or crackers in the Chip Bowl.
  • Nacho average party: Tortilla chips in the Chip Bowl, salsa, queso, guacamole or sour cream in the Dip Bowls, or a variety of different toppings in the serving tray for your guests to make their own nachos.

Chip 'N Dip Set

SKU: 10138803830
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  • Dimensions (Metric/ US):
    Chip Bowl & Cover: W 29.2 x H 12.7 x L 34.9 Ø - cm / W 11.5 x H 5 x L 13.75 Ø - inch
    Dip Bowls: W 10.8 x H 8.9 x L 12.7 Ø - cm / W 4.25 x H 3.5 x L 5 Ø - inch

    Volume (Metric / US):
    Chip Bowl & Cover: 5.7 L / 1.5 gal
    Dip Bowls: 500 ml / 16 oz

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