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Spaghetti lover's best friend!Start your dry goods storage collection with our spaghetti holder, or add one to your existing set of Modular Mates.

Perfect for storing long pastas like spaghetti, linguine or bucatini.

This multitasking storage container also makes an attractive dispenser for breadsticks, tall candy canes, or pourable ingredients.

The specially designed removable insert within the spaghetti dispenser allows for easy pouring and measuring one or two servings.

The airtight, moisture-proof, and bug-proof lid keeps food fresh and safe for longer.

What's more, you'll love the convenience of the clear kitchen storage container design. No more searching or opening lids (and letting out freshness), when looking for the ingredient you need.

Plus, these containers are modular with the rest of the range, half the size of the Ovals, so they stack on top or in front of an Oval on the shelf.

You'll easily fit up to 1kg/2lb of spaghetti.

Tupperware Modular Mates Spaghetti Dispenser

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  • Spacer Saver Round No. 5 is in the rounds range and their modularity will give a perfect look to your cabinet. Containers are named by height: to make it modular, just add it up.

    For example:

    • two Round 1 = one Round 2
    • one Round 2 + one Round 3 = one Round 5

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