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Our versatile, leak proof, and reusable slim silicone bags allow you to store food with confidence: organize, carry, and even freeze, reheat, and cook without compromising your lifestyle. You can trust their durability and long-lasting reliability. Set includes one each 1¼-cup/300mL, 1-Qt./980mL, and 1¾-Qt./1.6L Ultimate Silicone Slim Bags.

Ultimate Silicone Slim Bag Set

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  • Meet your all-in-one solution for versatile, eco-friendly storage in three perfectly sized options. These bags are a game-changer, ready to transform the way you store, preserve, and carry your essentials. The slim design isn’t just about portability; it's also a freezer-space magician. These bags neatly slot into tight freezer spaces, optimizing your storage capacity without the bulk of traditional containers. Elevate your storage game with our Ultimate Silicone Slim Bag series - your sustainable, adaptable solution for a more organized and eco-conscious lifestyle.

    Slim Mini 1¼ cup/300mL size is great for:

    • kids' snacks (sliced apples, cereal, baby carrots)
    • make-up essentials (lipstick, nail polish, eyeliner)
    • vitamins and pills
    • pet treats
    • credit cards and cash
    • trail mix
    • dried fruit
    • dried herbs

    Slim Medium 1 Qt./980mL Size is great for:

    • everyday lunch to go 
    • toiletries for travel (transparent, TSA-friendly)
    • larger snacks
    • craft supplies
    • mini first aid kit
    • pre-measured smoothie ingredients
    • protein bars

    Slim Large 1¾ Qt./1.6L size is great for:

    • freezing bulk ground meat
    • freezing smoothie-ready fruit
    • marinating chicken
    • sous vide cooking
    • using as an ice pack

    Snacks: The slim profile and lightweight design make these bags perfect for on-the-go use, making it easy to carry your favorite lunch, snacks or small items while traveling, hiking or commuting.

    Makeup Essentials: Perfectly sized for carrying makeup essentials, such as lipstick, nail polish and eyeliner, making them convenient for keeping your beauty essentials organized and accessible while on the move.

    Sustainably Minded: Parents are eager for more eco-friendly products for their families and appreciate the convenience of versatile, easy-to-use systems or sets for packing lunches and snacks. Reusable bags also help to reduce the amount of store-bought packaging.

    Travel Toiletries Companion: The bag's optimal shape and transparency make it an ideal companion for storing toiletries. The leak-proof seal guarantees that even if your liquid bottles leak during your journey, the mess stays contained. With a lightweight and flat design, it takes up minimal space in your gym bag, carry-on, backpack, or any travel gear.

    Marinating Made Easy: Elevate your dishes by using reusable silicone bags for marinating. Simplify the process—add ingredients, pour in your marinade and seal the bag. The leakproof seal ensures optimal flavor absorption.

    Environmentally Conscious: Bring reusable bags on your next journey outdoors and help reduce single-use plastic! They come in convenient sizes and can store just about anything. Plus, put a carabiner through the clever slot to hang a bag on your backpack easy access.  

    Camping Companion: Ideal for camping, these bags are exceptionally sturdy and durable, take up minimal space when empty, and are practical for fitting into mini fridges or coolers. Their durability makes them a perfect addition to your camping gear, ensuring convenience and reliability during outdoor adventures.

    Zero-Waste Shopping: Bring your silicone bags on your next visit to the bulk foods aisle and fill your bags directly from the dispensers. Their flexible design and secure seal make them the perfect eco-conscious choice for minimizing single-use plastic while effortlessly collecting your favorite bulk items.

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