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Easy as 1, 2, 3 meals ready!

Thanks to these innovative freezer-safe microwave containers, paper bags and wasteful plastic wrap are a thing of the past.

Our exclusive set of microwave-safe containers with lids allows you to prep, freeze, and reheat meals All-in-One container, saving you time, money, and space.

Each microwave container has a unique venting system that allows steam to escape when reheating food in the microwave.

The footed bases ensure even reheating while handles stay cool to the touch.

Set includes 1¾-cup/400 ml Round, 2½-cup/600 ml Round, 2½-cup/600 ml Medium Shallow, 3¼-cup/800 ml Round, 4½-cup/ 1 l Medium, 6-cup/1.4 l Large Shallow and 6¼-cup/1.5 l Medium Deep Containers.


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