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So versatile you’ll wonder how you did without it!

Meet our classic, all-purpose Wonderlier® Bowls with leakproof seals that have been kitchen staples for more than 70 years.

Perfect for preparing, serving, and storing foods in the refrigerator and even on the go. The leakproof seals lock in the freshness and flavor of your favorite foods. Large tab makes removing the leakproof seals a breeze —even for small hands. Textured interior resists scratches when mixing or whisking. Smooth exterior makes them easy to clean.

Wonderful set includes 5¼- cup/1.3 L, 7½-cup/1.8 L, and 12-cup/2.8 L bowls with liquid-tight seals

Wonderlier Bowl 3-Pc. Set

SKU: 00010171927000
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    • All in one: Prep, serve, and store meals in the same container.
    • Safe transport: No need for unreliable plastic wrap or foil. Wonderlier® bowls and their leakproof seals easily go to a picnic or party without worrying about spills.
    • Textured interior: Special surface minimizes the appearance of scratches.
    • Sealing in freshness! The airtight seal protects food from oxidation and drying out.
    • Resilient and sturdy: Wonderlier® Bowls are made to last.
    • Space saving: Bowls nest inside each other to save precious counter or cupboard space.

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